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How to play 4 card keno

How to play 4 card keno step by step

The rules of keno are quite simple. The essence of the game is that keno is played on a large board and this board is marked with numbers from 1 to 80. There are 80 numbered balls in a special basket. Any 20 balls out of 80 presented are drawn from the basket by random selection. The task of the players is to guess their numbers. Keno is a game where everyone can win big!

play 4 card keno
play 4 card keno

Need to bet

In order to play, you need to place bets. This is done in the following way. As a keno player, you are given a special keno ticket, or blank. On it you will see squares with numbers (from 1 to 80, respectively). Your task is to choose any of the squares and mark them with a cross (X) and place your bets on them. The number of numbers you choose depends on how much you are willing to wager.
It is important to remember that in one game you are allowed to bet on a maximum of fifteen numbers out of eighty offered.
The numbers of squares chosen by the player on his ticket correspond to the real numbered balls. After making bets, the player throws the balls with the corresponding numbers into the basket.

The machine supplies air to the basket

A special machine supplies air to the basket (a basket in keno is also called a bubble bubble), and the balls are automatically mixed.
The balls are mixed. Now you press the lever and open a special pipe (when you come to the casino, you will see this pipe, and everything will become clear immediately). Mixed 80 balls alternately rise in this pipe (after all, not only you, but also others play). By random selection, the casino throws out 20 balls at a time.
The checker writes down the numbers of these 20 drawn balls, and a special computer system counts the bets made on these balls.
Well, now the most pleasant moment, for which you actually played: you are paid depending on how many numbers that have fallen out coincide with the numbers that you chose at the beginning of the game.

Game are determined by three things

In online Keno, all the above operations are performed by a computer, but the essence of the game does not change.
Thus, your winnings in each game are determined by three things: the bet, the number of selected numbers and the number of matches.