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How to play 5 card cash lottery

In the lottery “5 CARDS” the rules are quite simple and about the same as in the regular lotto. Kegs with numbers from 1 to 90 are placed in the bag. The presenter takes kegs out of the bag and names their numbers. The game is played in several rounds.

  • In the 1st round of the lotto, tickets are won in which five numbers in any horizontal line coincided with the numbers of the drawn kegs earlier than others.
  • In the 2nd round, all 15 numbers in any of the fields must match with the numbers of the drawn kegs.
  • According to the rules of the game, if these numbers coincide already on the 15th move, with this option the ticket gets the jackpot. It is not won in every drawing, so it grows from circulation to circulation and can reach tens of millions of DOLLARS.

In subsequent rounds, tickets are won in which all 30 numbers of the ticket match.

Those tickets that win in the first two rounds are allowed to participate in the further drawing.

How to play 5 card cash lottery
lottery ticket

How to play 5 card cash lottery ticket

The lottery is a game of chance in which the winning depends on a set of random numbers.

Oddly enough, the lottery is a game of chance. Although there is little research on the connection between lotteries and gambling addiction. Most of the problems are associated with cases where winners spend all their money shortly after winning.

That said, lotteries are the only type of gambling that most adults have played (Commission Report on the Impact of Gambling Research, 1999).

What are the conditions for playing the lottery?
Age: Age restrictions may vary from country to country, but usually participants are 16-21 years old.


Participants must choose their own numbers from many different combinations. Check tickets upon purchase. If a ticket is stolen, damaged, or illegible, it may be rejected. The purchaser, not the lottery organizer, is responsible for the ticket.


Lottery draws take place regularly. Usually several times a week. To win the jackpot, the selected numbers must match the numbers of the dropped balls. In addition to the main prize. Small prizes are usually given for matching at least three numbers.


This is the main prize in the lottery. Which goes to the player with numbers identical to the numbers of the balls dropped. Usually, in addition to the jackpot, small prizes are also handed out.


Some lotteries draw an extra ball that increases the potential winnings. Of all prizes other than the jackpot. The bonus number increases the chance of getting a prize and is usually paid separately.

Second Chance

An additional opportunity to receive a prize for a losing ticket.


This is a side game that cannot be played separately from the lottery. The ticket is assigned a random number. If at least the last two digits match. The player is paid a prize – the more numbers match, the greater the winnings.