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How to play black jack like a pro

TOP 5 rules for playing blackjack professionally

1. Refusal to drink alcoholic beverages

Under no circumstances should you take any kind of alcohol, both strong and low-alcohol drinks. Reasons for refusing this drink:

taking a small dose of alcohol can reduce the attention and concentration of the player;

taking a strong drink, a person can follow the advice of friends or acquaintances without analyzing their risks;

alcohol offered by the establishment free of charge may not correspond to the quality of the drink and may contain narcotic additives.

Only certain persons who are team players may not comply with this rule. With their behavior, they distract the attention of other players, and make bets, taking into account the advice of experienced partners.

How to play black jack like a pro
How to play black jack like a pro

2. Taboo on any advice, recommendations and hints

At the gaming table, the player chooses the tactics of the game on his own. It can bring both luck and loss on the bet. But this is his choice.

Professional gamblers never allow you to give advice to partners. As a result, an inexperienced player, giving advice or recommendations, will look ridiculous, which will only confirm his inexperience.

3. Losing is only the problem of the losing participant in the game

If the game did not bring the desired results, and the player lost, then one should not look for the guilty among the partners. They have nothing to do with the losing player problem. All accusations against partners will be meaningless and illogical, which will only confirm the player’s lack of professionalism. When playing blackjack, cunning tricks are limited only to counting cards that are out of circulation. As a result, players who use such tactics do not have much benefit.

4. Compliance with the rules of etiquette and behavior during the game

You should not take a seat at the table if you decide only to watch the game, and not play it. A player who is in the casino for the first time needs to get information about the rules of the game at the table before starting the game, as they may differ from other casinos. Also, one should not forget about the essence of gambling addiction.

It is very important to remember that it is more correct to communicate with the croupier during the game with gestures, and not with spoken language. This will allow the player to prove his case when a difficult situation arises, since the hall is under constant video surveillance, where most of the recordings do not have an audio track.

According to the rules of the casino, the player’s personal belongings and items must be kept off the table.

Take a seat at the table.

Greet all game partners.

Inform the croupier with gestures that you will play.

The cards are placed on the table not close to the players, do not try to get them and do not touch them. Only the croupier has the right to touch the cards.

The player who received the cards from the croupier loses the opportunity to refuse the bet.

After the distribution of cards, a participant in the game can take them with one hand.

5. The need to learn basic blackjack strategy

The basic strategy of a game is a mathematical formula for a set of possible game options. Quite often, an inexperienced player assumes that the result of the game depends on his luck and luck. But it’s not.

The biggest mistake blackjack beginners make is not understanding the essence and meaning of the basic strategy. It is very difficult to deal with all the options of the strategy matrix right away, but professionals recommend studying the version of the game used in many gambling establishments: several decks on the table and the croupier stopping at soft seventeen. The casino allows players to make notes on the cards and use them during the game. Experienced gamblers have a perfect knowledge of the basic strategy of the game.

Restraint, composure and the ability to make clear, not emotional decisions, enable the player to achieve the desired result in blackjack.