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How to play street craps

Street Craps is a game based purely on luck. It is usually played on a large recessed table with two dice. The shooter plays dice. The whole game is based on whether the shooter gets the correct combination or number.

how to play street craps for beginners
how to play street craps for beginners

Street craps how to play

The first throw of a shooter in a casino is called “come out”. If the dice rolls twelve, eleven, seven, three or two, then the winnings are distributed to the winners, and the round is considered completed. If a different amount has fallen, then this figure will be considered a “point” from that moment on. The shooter keeps rolling the dice. If the “point” falls out before the seven, then the players who bet on “Come” will win, and the rest will lose accordingly.

How to play street craps with multiple players

The thrower makes the first bet. He/she can either bet on “pass” or “crap”, although many games assume that the thrower will bet on himself. In other words, always bets on the pass.
Other players, before placing intermediate bets or raising them, must first make main bets in an aggregate amount at least equal to the thrower’s bet. To match the thrower’s bet, you must bet the same amount of money on the opposite outcome. If you have made a deposit, then you can make main bets or wait until you can make intermediate bets.
Let’s say the thrower bets $10 on himself. The other players must collectively wager $10 on the crap. If you made a $2 base bet on the crap, then your maximum possible win is your $2 and the thrower’s $2.
Once the main bets have been placed, you can place intermediate bets with other willing players who want to make more bets. This also involves 2 types of bets: either pass or crep.